About me

Hello! Welcome to my blog dedicated to the creative writing. I am glad you are here and I hope you will enjoy reading what I have to say about my favorite occupation.

About the Blog

Have you wondered what successful novel and screenplay writers know that we don’t? As if all popular works, which they create follow some rules, criteria and laws that make them preferred. Can you make your prose as effective as theirs? How do they fight writer’s block?

I wish someone had answered those questions for me fifteen years ago when I started writing. Unfortunately, in our Slavic world we do not have the pragmatic approach in literature as the West and more specifically, the Anglo-Saxon tradition. Here everything is too abstract and inapplicable in it’s pure form. There is a veil over the writing process making it mystical and unreachable. There is some truth in this but on the other hand it is not so different than any other occupation.

I want the articles here to be casual and easy to read and grasp but with information, useful to the craft. The main purpose of this blog is to present you keys, instruments, levers and sails.

About me

My name is Theodor Markov and I am an aspiring writer. I have been making my trials in writing since I was fifteen, unfortunately with not much success so far, as I have not been able to complete a larger piece of work. I feel like something is always slipping away. I am thirty two now but I have still not stopped following my dream – to publish a book. I have several novels in progress and the last I am writing for an year now.

During the years I have managed to collect some knowledge that has answered me the question, why for so long it was not working for me, and I am now working on the improvements. I decided to create this blog not only to publish advices and experience but also to build a handbook for yours and personal use, containing everything I consider of value. I hope I will find company to walk this path together.